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AJ Guff
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Fred Rittner
Fred Rittner

I took my first ever Polar Plunge in the waters of Lower Baker Pond as a 9-year old junior camper - just one of many incredible Camp Pemi experiences I've enjoyed in the 20 years since my first dip. I'm raising money for The Fred Rittner Pemi Campership Fund - the proceeds will help provide the opportunity for future Pemi campers who would be unable to attend summer camp without the fund's assistance to make their own cherished Pemi memories for years to come.

The fund was founded in 1983 in honor of long-time Pemi camper and legendary counselor Fred Rittner, who died of cancer that same summer.  Fred was a uniquely charismatic counselor who touched the lives of all who knew him. Fred loved Pemi and—more broadly—the summer camp experience.  The Rittner Fund was established to provide children with the opportunity to share in what Fred so treasured.

A primary goal of the Fund is increasing the diversity of the camp community; to date, the Fund has granted over 300 camp scholarships in Fred’s memory to youths from around the country and all over the world.  Additional information about Fred's life, his impact, and the fund can be found here: https://rittnerfund.org/

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